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Property Management

Your property needs to be attended no matter if you are here or out of the country. In terms of security an alarm may not be enough, not only because it can be unuseful after an electricity drop, but because some one will need to be able to open your door in case the alarm turns on.

Forget about your guests, you don’t need to come only to hand any keys or to control cleaning service. We are here to help on any need they may have.

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REGULAR INSPECTIONS: Make sure that no damage has occured in your absence and let your property be checked by a trustful person. Your home needs to be aired regularly.

GUESTS CARE: Are you renting your property from abroad and you’re not able to welcome your guests? Don’t worry we take care of them.

guests care keyda care

UTILITIES CONTRACTS ASSISTENCE: You may need some help with contracts or may be choosing the right company for: electricity, internet, alarm, solar system, etc. Let us give you a hand.