Enjoy your stay in the Costa Brava, there is always an ocasion to celebrate! We don’t want you to waste your valuable time organising your events, so let us know your needs and we’ll be there to get anything you’d need to enjoy.

Do you like to sit comfortably with family and/or friends? Why not do something different, with a small private wine tasting with wines from the region or with a little live music as background to chill and maybe dancing?

Wouldn‘t it be a great gift idea with a surprise effect for a wedding anniversary, Valentine’s Day or simply to enjoy a nice evening?

There are so many nice occasions to get together, on a small or a larger scale. A milestone birthday, an anniversary, an engagement or a wedding, whether in your own garden or in a special setting like a yatch or an air ballon.

We all like to enjoy our free time, so do not waste your time preparing a Christmas party, a fun spring festival or a dance party on a warm summer night, we are here to help.

Maybe you have another idea or wish to make a moment special with lots of balloons or flower petals… Our imagination knows no bounds, your ideas are our incentive.