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Home staging

Home Staging is an effective sales technique for homes that integrates decorating with marketing to create an experience for home buyers or guests. This technique allows potential buyers and guests to see themselves in your home. For a small investment, you maximize your return on your largest investment.

What we do to sell your property:

  • Address buyer perceptions and the psychology behind a buyer’s motivation to purchase a home
  • Clearly define all areas of the home
  • Eliminate those distractions that will keep buyers from seeing and remembering the great features of your house.

The home staging will help you to reduce your clutter, reorganize your space, and provide a finished product ready to market.

What we do to rent your property:

  • Present your property as an updated and comfortable space to live.
  • Clearly define any usable space of the home
  • Eliminate any small damage caused from former use by previous tenants.

We will help you to highlight your property among the rentals listed in your area. We’ll provide a finished product ready to host your clients.