Repairs Keyda Care


Almost everything that breaks in a home can be repaired. Whether it’s a leaky siphon, a squeaky door or a chair that’s gone loose. Simply ask for individual repairs, we are creative when it comes to problem solving!

For repairs and maintenance, you can either talk to various tradesmen or simply contact us. We have specialists for every task in the field of property management. Your advantage: You have exactly one contact person. We coordinate all employees ourselves, so that even complex apartament renovations can be carried out smoothly and reliably.

Home appliances may need to be fixed, but as you know technical service some times might need more time than you stay. Don’t worry about, we will take care to pick it up from technical service or your house and place it back once it will be repaired. In case it is a big appliance as dishwasher, fridge, we will be at your place ready to attend the technician while it will be repaired.